Mail settings for accounts hosted at SMITS Belgium/SMITS Mail
To add an email account in your desired applications please follow the instructions of said application:
  1. Fill in the name, full email address ( and password), click Continue.
  2. Always choose IMAP for sync functionality across multiple devices and keeping an online copy.  
    The same server adres should be used for incoming and outgoing server:

  3. IncomingIMAPPort: 993SSL: SSL/TLSAuth: Normal password
    OutgoingSMTPPort: 587SSL: STARTTLSAuth: Normal password
    Again: For the imap/smtp server,  Depending on how we've setup our SSL certificates you might get ssl certificate warnings when using other adresses like your own domain, just accept them.  The connection is likely still secure, as the value in the certificate might not match the server setting used (not a major issue).